Development Agenda

People-centered vision for a better Tagum

The EAGLE WINGS PROGRAM is the development blueprint of the City Government of Tagum and is the centerpiece of the governance agenda of the administration of Mayor Allan L. Rellon and Vice Mayor geterito T. Gementiza. This ten-point agenda puts the welfare of the people first, following the LGU's principle of running a government of, for and by the people of Tagum.

Education, Employment & Culture

Investing in the Tagumenyos

The administration of Mayor Allan L. Rellon and Vice Mayor Geterito T. Gementiza has put premium on education, as manifested by its unceasing support to this sector—be it in terms of infrastructure, manpower support and porgrams that are beneficial to the academic community and poor but deserving students of the city.

This administration has also trailblazed the employment facilitation services that saw thousands of Tagumenyos getting jobs here and abroad.

Cultural minorities of the city were also not left behind. In fact, numerous programs were initiated by the local government aimed at preserving the indigenous peoples and muslim communities were innovated and have already seen ripples of benefits that are attuned to the local government's vision of cultural preservation and development.

Agriculture, Fisheries & Environmental Development

Golden Harvest in Agriculture

Food security has always been one of the highly-amplified policies of the Rellon-Gementiza. It was always for a good cause, noting that it wanted to maximize the great potential of the city which is predominantly agricultural.

For 2015, the city government pumped up its support to agriculture by focusing on the development of agricultural plan and strategies and implements the same to ensure maximum assistance to Tagumenyo farmers and fishermen. The assistance the city government gives spans from production, processing and marketing of agricultural products.

Geniune Peace, Safety and Security

Winning Peace, Winning Progress

Peace and order is an essential ingredient in maintaining economic development, social order and political stability. A condition of peace and order facilitates the growth of investments, generates more employment opportunities and attracts more tourist.

It is on this premise that the City Government of Tagum under the leadership of Mayor Allan L. Rellon and Vice Mayor Geterito T. Gementiza has made the attainment of peace, safety and security for all Tagumenyos among the priority thrusts of the city government.

On the other hand, the city government also put premium on its disaster response and climate mitigation—an initiative that got the city its Gawad Kalasag Award for the city's eforts on disaster risk resiliency and climate change mitigation.

Livelihood and Tourism Development

Empowering People, Changing Lives

Following its agenda in employment and livelihood as stipulated in its EAGLE WINGS Program, the City Government of Tagum sustained its Skills Training Program to address the alarming rate of unemployment in the city. This intervention of the local government, among many others, significantly contributed to the drop in unemployment rate in the City of Tagum.

Alongside with the Skills Training Program, the city government was also successful in its assistance to various minority and underprivileged organizations in the city through the Grassroots Participatory Budgeting Process of the national government.

On the other hand, the Rellon Administration is aware of the great potential of tourism activities as a stimulator of economic activities. The City Government of Tagum sustained the holding of meaningful festivals all year-round.

Economy and Affordability of Taxes

Sustaining the Gains of Economic Dynamism

The agenda on the economy and affordability of taxes have set the tone of doing business in the city. As what Mayor Allan L. Rellon would like to put it, doing business in the city should be as easy as possible and taxes should be reasonable and affordable.

It's easy to spot the gains of this dynamic economic movement that's been shaking Tagum City to the positive. Everywhere, business sprout like mushrooms and small and medium-scale entreprenuers are taking part in the development.

The wave of the promise of good economic flow in the city will surely create a ripple in the years to come, and this ripple will once again put Tagum into the roster of best cities in the country.

Wellness, Sports and Health

Moving towards a Healthy City

The promotion of the physical well-being of every Tagumenyo has always been among those given importance by the City Government of Tagum. This can be gleaned from various programs on wellness, sports and health that are introduced, implemented and continued by the lcoal government unit over the years.

One of the programs of the City Health Office that has a very huge impact on its Tagumenyo beneficiaries is the Balik Sigla Program which provides free massage and therapeutic and rehabilitation home services to victims suffering from stroke due to Cerebral Vascular Accident and other paralysis-causing diseases.

Infrastructure, Transportation and Communication Development

A City Built for the People

The implementation of various infrastructure projects in Tagum has been strengthened by the local government unit, particularly those that would be beneficial to the school-aged youth living in the city.

The City of Tagum is also cognizant of the needs of every Tagumenyo to have easily accessible roads to and from their place of residence. Thus, the city, through the City Engineer's Office has implemented various road projects.

The city government has also continued to give due course on the importance of the existence of a perfectly working drainage system in different areas in Tagum.

NGOs, GOs, POs and Cooperative Development

Keeping the flame of Cooperativism Alive

The City Government of Tagum under the Rellon-Gementiza administration has been seriously committed in the empowerment of the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the city. This is because these different civil society groups are among those that aid the local government in its programs regarding the alleviation of poverty and income inequality.

To ensure the continued and marked growth of the civil society organizations in the city in the aspect of membership and equity, the Cooperatives, NGOs, GOs and POs Development Unit under the City Mayor's Office has implemented various programs and activities under its four core programs for Promotions and ORganizations, Education, Training and Information, Support Services and Youth Empowerment and Partnership, Internal and External Relationship.

God-Centered and Good Governance

Championing Good Governance at all fronts

As it was at the onset of the Rellon-gementiza administration when the City Government of Tagum has institutionalized the moral recovery program which was intended for all employees of every office in the city government who went through a series of seminars with the assistance of religious organizations and sectors.

The local government has always taken steps to ensure that its social contract with the Tagumenyo constituency is duly upheld by having an accountable and transparent form of governance that follows the rule of law and is participatory, inclusive and responsive to the needs of its people.

Social Services

People First

The City Government of Tagum under the Rellon-Gementiza administration has reinforced and fortified its various programs on Social Services by providing the communities in the city with services that aim to promote social equality and afford opportunities for social and economic growth.

The City Social Welfare and Development Office is the main office tasked to see to the general well-being and interest of the residents of the City ofTagum who are in abject need of aid from the government in order for them to have a fair chance at attaining respectable and comfortable lives.

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