From 5 to 3 Steps Tagum streamlines business permit processing

Good news Tagumenyos!

The City Government of Tagum has formally streamlined the business permits renewal process dubbed as APR (Assess, Pay and Release) following its bold desire to make it easier for businessmen to do business in the city.

Mayor Allan L. Rellon said that the local government decided to streamline it from five to three steps just in time as the city kicks off the annual renewal of business permits for 2017.

He further added that the simplified process will be hassle-free for persons getting or renewing their business permits, especially now that the Business One-Stop Shop is already on its full swing at the Atrium of the New City Hall that will run until January 20, 2017, the designated deadline for business permit renewal.

The fast and easy three-step process includes Asses, Pay, and Release. After checking the requirements and getting a priority number, the client can proceed with the first step where the assessor can check their requirements. Then, they can proceed to the treasurer’s office to pay the required fees. Lastly, a copy of their business permit will then be released.

The requirements include barangay clearance, lease contract, gross declaration and BIR returns. The additional requirements depend on the kind of business. For market stallholders, they must submit market clearance and market lease contract. For cooperatives, BIR returns are needed. Big businesses or corporations need to present their certificate of good standing and general information sheet. For massage parlors and maternity clinics, city health office certificate and list of employees with basic information position (age, gender, address, and contact number) is required. Lastly, water retailers need their latest bacteriological result.

The Business Permit and Licensing Division is hopeful that they can surpass the number of renewed business permits during the same period last year.

Meanwhile, majority of those who already renewed their business permits noted the swift process this year, tagging this year’s business one-stop shop as efficient and effective. Mj de Castro/CIO Tagum


FULL FORCE. Throngs of assessors are deployed at the Atrium of the New City Hall in time for the Business One-Stop Shop in Tagum City that kicked off last January 3, 2017 and which will run until January 20, 2017. Leo Timogan/CIO Tagum

ORDERLY AND SYSTEMATIC. Tagumenyo taxpayers noticed the more orderly and systematic business permits renewal rolled out by the City Government of Tagum this year. Leo Timogan/CIO Tagum

EARLY BIRD. Tagum City Mayor Allan L. Rellon personally hands a copy of a business permit to one of the early businessmen who trooped to the Atrium of the New City Hall during the first day of the Business One-Stop Shop. Leo Timogan/CIO Tagum

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